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Side Effects Of Fish Oil

  • Some of fish oil side effects include instances of upset stomach, fishy breath, greasy stools, and gastrointestinal disturbances. Some people have indicated that some fish oil side effects may be with the aftertaste you get at the beginning stages of taking the oil.
  • Individual have noted that they have experienced diarrhea, but only at a small degree and only for a small period.
  • If an individual is on blood thinners, they should consult with their primary health provider before taking this oil because some fish oil side effects may include a blood thinning effect.
  • In very high doses of fish oil there could be fish oil side effects that are harmful.
  • Nosebleeds have also been reported as fish oil side effects when it has been consumed.
  • Those who consume Cod liver oil supplements should also note that it contains vitamins D and A and consuming a large amount of this oil can result in a, fish oil side effects such as poisoning. However, consuming Cod liver oil in normal supplemental amount does not contain Vitamins A and D and thus will not result in poisoning.
  • Some people have indicated that they have experienced some fish oil side effects when they the oil was used in combination with some medications they were taking so always consult with a doctor before using this oil while on medication