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Fish oil was originally taken from the livers of codfish and used by individual in Newfoundland, Northern Europe, and British Isles for centuries both for medicinal and domestic use. In the fishing communities the oil that was taken from the cod fish was used added to feed for animals, as leather conditioner, and in lamps. Cod liver oil was also used as a tonic and medicine and sometimes rubbed on joints that ached and to combat colds.

German researchers in the 1700s started studying cod liver oil in order to treat conditions of rheumatic arthritis. Because cod liver oil is high in vitamin D, it had early success in the treatment of rickets. In the 1800s, the creation of the stream processing improved the smell and taste.

Doctors, in the 1930s started using cod liver oil more and more for its medicinal and nutritional benefits. This caused an increased demand for the oil which increased its marketing potential and availability. During the World War II period, cod liver oil was given to young children and infants in order to increase nutrition.