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How to store Fish Oil

The Freezer

It is believed that fish oil in liquid or capsule form should be stored inside of the freezer. This oil does not freeze but inside of the freezer it will be prevented becoming rancid and sunlight light is kept away, which in some cases can cause the oil to lose nutritional benefits. Some also believe those consuming capsules while they are cold are easier to swallow.

The Refrigerator

Some also believe that storing this oil in the refrigerator is an optimal way to keeping it fresh but not as much as the freezer since people are more likely to go in the refrigerator as opposed to the freezer throughout the day.

The Counter

Placing the oil on the counter benefits people by ensuring they will not forget to take it. If they are to be stored on the counter, they should be out of the way of direct sunlight and placed in a cool area. In addition, purchasing only the needed amount for the month will ensure freshness.